Is Your Business Interested In Future Growth?

Encompass can help Scottish SMEs to identify the barriers to innovation in business and suggest ways to overcome them. We can also provide advice on how you could implement and accelerate innovation for future business growth.

And, if you are ready to innovate, we could help you to navigate the funding landscape and point you in the direction of the most suitable funding to help your ideas move closer to commercial viability.

Encompass is a programme funded to help Scottish SMEs prosper through innovation. The Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Stirling, along with support agencies in Scotland, can assist you to:

We can help you to think innovatively to help you make a positive difference in your business. The Encompass programme hosts workshops, seminars and mini-sandpits to help you find new directions for business growth.

We can provide advice on whether your ideas would benefit from accessing academic specialists who could help you to shape your ideas and move them towards reality. Engaging with our researchers could unlock new perspectives, create breakthroughs and inspire fresh thinking for your business future.

We could also advise you on where to find suitable funding opportunities to enable you to progress ideas to commercial viability. Our knowledge of available funding ranges from initial feasibility/scoping studies to follow-on funding for larger and longer-term projects.